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Connecting Consumers to the Outdoor Lifestyle

We do this through our boots-on-the-ground approach, (hiking boots of course) we promote our mission to encourage communities to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. While we are connecting with large audiences in-person, we extend partner products and services of in-kind donations while offering resources during the event and later through our email marketing content.

Sponsors who believe in our mission and wish to expand their community outreach and philanthropy programs, receive many benefits beyond a simple donation. Based on which sponsorship tier is chosen, a sponsor will be recongnized for their generosity. Depending on the donation level, our sponsors could receive free promotional awareness directly to their target audience as well as free “ad space” in up to six newsletters per month.

Our Process


You have to get to the bottom before you go up

We dive into the right outdoor events to reach our communities. Sponsors donate in-kind products such as outdoor toys, sporting goods or high-value giveaways that promote our mission.


Being curious, by turning over one rock at a time

We explore which sponsors make the best partners at each event, offering giveaways that draw the attention of those we want to reach while encouraging others to join our mission.


We know where and how to cast the net

We discover educational initiatives most appropriate for our audience and deliver information that is timely and relevant. This informs our communities about the benefits of exploring the outdoors.

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