Who Is Beyond Outdoors?

We are a for-profit organization that inspires communities to get offline and experience the outdoors! With a separate nonprofit charity fund to receive in-kind donations.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire our communities to get offline and experience the outdoors through educational initiatives which provide youth the resources to improve the mental, physical, and emotional wellness of themselves and our communities.

We help build partnerships with B2B, B2C, and NPO organizations that support us by donating their products or services to help raise awareness of our mission. We raise awareness about our mission by attending local and national outdoor-related events and giving our partners products or services away to encourage our youth and our communities to get outdoors and get offline.

We then serve content to our audience through newsletters and emails related to outdoor recreation activities. We aim to combat issues such as cyberbullying, mental health, childhood obesity, and overall wellness while being an integral part of beneficial community activities.

We believe that if we start with educating our youth over time, we can encourage and inspire individuals and families to get offline and get outdoors more often!

We are now able to accept donations! Please email us to learn how you can contribute!

Strategic Partner Programs

Our goal as a company is to encourage others to reduce their time indoors and drive awareness of outdoor recreation by:

Developing an ecosystem of partnerships that are crucial in maintaining the shared goal of inspiring communities to explore the outdoors. These partnerships allow us to work alongside you as we navigate the journey together.

We look forward in growing our outdoor project initiative to drive awareness for the outdoors which will ultimately encourage others to explore the outdoors.

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